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First Silak Leadership Training




Organizers of the first SILAK leadership training successfully conducted the activity at the Fadri Residence at Royale Tagaytay Estates, Alfonso, Cavite on July 7-8, 2007. Seventeen students representing ten (10) municipalities in Romblon and six (6) universities participated.

Inspired by their learnings and realizations from the activity, the participants put up an organization of Romblonon students studying in Manila and nearby areas. The organization aims to promote the welfare of students and the youth as well as contribute to the development of their home province. The organization was named Subat Romblon.

The organizing commitee is composed of Lyndon Fadri, Jocelyn Fadri, Rodil Fadri, Mary Anne Fadri and Eugenor Fonte.


Touch a Fellow Romblonon. The training starts with a light moment at the Picnic Grove in Tagaytay. Participants get themselves acquainted with each other as they stroll the park"s circumferential trail, relax in the cool breeze and posed for photographs. A game that tested how much they got to know each other highlights the first activity.


Like the Volcano and the Rising Sun. Participants pose for a shot with the Taal Volcano at the backdrop as the sun begins to rise. From left to right are [back row] Chenee Dela Vega (Romblon / Adamson), Kristine Fanoga (Romblon / UPLB), Lovely Senorin (Concepcion / UPLB), Juniel Lucidos (Alcantara / UPLB), Precious Dyan Marasiagan (Cajidiocan / UPLB), Barbara Fabreag (Concepcion / UPLB), Andrew Dalisay (Alcantara / UPLB), Dani Joel Lorenzo (San Jose / UP), Albert Tuliao (Looc, UP), Criss-Ann Odronia (Alcantara / Manila Times School of Journalism),  [front row] Francis Galicia (Ferrol / Adamson), John Vincent Malayo (Romblon / Adamson), Lyndon, Sarah Kaye Fajilan (Cajidiocan / UPLB), Dylan Jay Feudo (Banton / EARIST), Christine Claire Fesalbon (Banton / PNU), Ohrlan Rei Mazo (Corcuera / Adamson) and Reymund Fajilan (Corcuera / Adamson).

Fittingly enough, they resemble the diminutive volcano in many ways and the rising sun as well.


Basic Leadership and Management Skills. Cecilia Duka of Transglobal Diversified Group carried the participants through a long session on basic management and leadership skills.


Building A Tower Out Of Straws. There never seems to be a dull moment during the training. Interesting games that enhance leadership and management skills are inter-woven into the training module. In this exercise, participants try to build the tallest tower they could out of straw.


Qualities Of A Leader. Minnie Gabutina, Directress of Opus Dei, summarizes the most important qualities of a leader as follows: Moral Integrity, Service, Responsibility and Vision.


Night Time. While participants take turn  using the laptops in preparation for their presentations for the following day, some sing their hearts out while waiting for their turn.


HowFarWillTheyGo.jpgConnecting With God.  Participants tour Caleruega, a park and retreat area at Nasugbu, Batangas. Catholics hear mass  while non-Catholics find time to strengthen their faith in the place"s refreshing atmosphere.


Looking Ahead. Committee chairs present their action plans.


Empowered. Participants display their spider-man shirts (courtesy of Rodil Fadri and Dr. Chito Ferrera) feeling empowered and knowing that "with great power, comes great responsibility".



An Uphill Trail. Participants decided to form and lead an organization of Romblon students which they named Subat-Romblon. Dani Jose Lorenzo and Andrew Dalisay, Executive Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively, take the  lead in negotiating the uphill trail that usually challanges a new organization.


HowFarWillTheyGo.jpgGraduation. Lyndon hands out certificates of attendance and souvenir  photo (courtesy of Mry Anne Fadri) to participants.


How Far Could They Go? From Tagaytay"s serene atmosphere, they go back to the mainstream of the studentry. Will Subat - Romblon ever rise. The training organizers hope so.






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